Heavy Day:

30″ Each
PVC Pass Throughs
Scap Pull-ups Video 
Beat Swings Video
— then —
1 Minuto Each
Banded Shoulder Distraction Video
Overhead circles Video 
Banded Pull Aparts Video
— then —
30″ Each
PVC Lifts Video 
Pushups to Down Dog
Plank Hold Video 
— then —
1 Minuto Each
Hamstring Stretches Video 
Reverse Snow Angel Video 


Strict Pull-up – Skill A:

Kip Drills 4×5 Video 

No, non ti stai preparando per un kipping pull-up, ma i kipping faranno funzionare meglio il tuo dorsale e le tue spalle si rafforzeranno, oltre ovviamente a migliorare la propriocezione generale. Qui dovrai spingere la sbarra verso il basso, che dovrebbe guidare il tuo corpo all’indietro mentre i dorsali si attivano (tieni le dita dei piedi contro la scatola in ogni momento). Questi dovrebbero essere lenti e controllati

Toes-to-bar – Skill A:

Ring Lat Press Downs 3×8 Video 

Rest as needed between sets.

Have the rings at about hip height and really press down on the rings. It is okay to have a soft bend in the elbows, but remember we are not pulling. Palms down the whole way through. Look back at days 1/3/5 to see if you are able to make this more challenging by bringing your feet closer under the rings.

Strict Pull-up – Skill B:

Banded Pull-up Negatives 10×1 Video

Rest as needed between sets.

Jump into the top of the pull-up as needed. Remember your top position from Day 6’s chin over bar holds. Keep your shoulder blades pinched back. Focus on descending as controlled as possible the entire way through. No specific tempo required. Your band will determine the difficulty though, so make sure things are challenging. If not for the first half of the 10 reps, then definitely for the second half.

Toes-to-bar – Skill B:

L-Hang 3x 20 secs Video 

Rest 40 secs between sets.

Isometric holds are huge in building strength and endurance for gymnastics. Just make sure you are paying attention to your breathing. Do not hold your breath. Keep legs as high as you can in that hold. Scale to a tuck hang as needed.

Strict Pull-up -Toes-to-bar  Skill C:

Banded Single Arm Lat Pull Downs 3×16 Video 

Rest as needed between sets.

3×12 L/12 R

Working your single arm strength is really important. Make sure your ribcage is down and you are driving your elbow down while keeping it close to your body. If sitting on your knees is not possible, then sit on a box and find a higher place to attach your band.


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